about the author

This is me. Helena.

My passport states that my hair is dark blonde, that my eyes are blue and that I was born in January of 1977. The date of birth is correct but the rest of the information vary in its accuracy. I often use brown lenses and my hair is black – most of the time. I also have a piercing and four tattoos, designed by yours truely.

My main reason for bilingual blogging is the fact that I have non-swedish-speaking friends who frequently reads my blog.

This blog is called digital verklighet = digital reality. It is to be viewed as a digital mirror of my everyday life. My thoughts, opinions and reactions.

You are welcome to comment on my English. Or my Swedish, for that matter. Either I´ll care or I won´t. Nowhere in this blog will I claim to be an expert on linguistics.

Questions? Comments not suitable for public viewing? Loveletters? Hatemail? Write me.


2 responses to “about the author

  1. Are you Swedish? In that case, sorry, just wanted to check in on you.

    Best Wishes


  2. Indeed I am. However there´s no need to apologize.

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